Sports Cinema Plus (SC+): The Creation of Sports Cinema Plus (SC+) to Improve Football Viewing Experience in Ghana

Yaw Anim Safori Brenya

Student thesis: Master thesis


Ghanaians love football and will do anything to watch their favorite football clubs play, however many Ghanaians do not have the means to enable them to watch these football matches at the comfort of their homes. This has however created an opportunity for some entrepreneurs to venture into operating football viewing centers which will show football matches to Ghanaians who cannot afford the means to enjoy it at home. This has now become a very lucrative business in Ghana. The problem however is that, Ghanaians who patronize these football viewing center face a lot of challenges.
There are many theories in the academic literature that explore how a venture can be created to successfully provide the service needed to help its customers resolve their problems. It is for this reason that this thesis seeks to explore how the principles underlying social construction theory, business model canvas and practice theory can be used to create a startup, Sport Cinema Plus (SC+) to provide services which will help resolve the challenges faced by patrons of football viewing centers in Ghana.
Autoethnography was chosen as the method of research as activities undertaken and personal experiences relating to the creation of SC+ were gathered. A journal log was used as a means by which all the gathered data were recorded and tracked. Using autoethnography provided a highly personalized form of writing this thesis as well as the entrepreneurial journey of creating SC+ by using the underlying principles of social construction theory, business model canvas and practice theory in order to provide to needed solution to resolve the challenges faced by Ghanaians who patronize football viewing centers.

EducationsMSocSc in Organisational Innovation and Entrepreneurship , (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2017
Number of pages141
SupervisorsIda Lunde Jørgensen