WWF’s approach to businesses: Moving beyond interactional difficulties to address climate change

Emma Lindgren & Anne Riedel

Student thesis: Master thesis


The research was strongly driven by the personal interest of the researchers in climate change and in how NGO-Business Partnerships can effectively address the urgency of climate change. The goal was not to provide a new framework for designing partnerships, but rather to analyse an existing, thriving benchmark, and to look at opportunities to maximise the outcome of the partnership in relation to climate change. This study therefore explores and assesses interactional difficulties of climate change- related NGO-Business Partnerships by analysing the case of WWF‟s Climate Savers Programme and thereby seeking to understand how NGOs can address these difficulties in order to move closer to their goals. The methodological approach applied is built around a single-case study design and primary data gathered through eleven semi-structured in-depth interviews supported by documentation. Key findings of the study supported the assumption that WWF has changed its role in society over the past ten years in that it has become more professional and collaborative towards businesses. Although interactional difficulties exist between NGOs and their business partners due to differences in communication, operation, and power distribution, this study revealed that the partners of WWF‟s Climate Savers Programme feel that they have a high impact on mitigating climate change.

EducationsMSc in Business, Language and Culture, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2012
Number of pages124