Kvalitetskontrol: En undersøgelse af de små- og mellemstore revisionsvirksomheders udfordringer

Helle Vejlø Kaastrup & Christina Bundgaard Sørensen

Student thesis: Master thesis


Executive summary: This dissertation investigates the challenges public quality control provides to small and medium sized practices. The subject of the dissertation is chosen due to our personal interest in the experienced increasing criticism of quality control within our branch. Focusing on the regulation of current quality control we are highlighting a number of problem areas derived from different reports, articles and personal experiences. We feel that a number of these problems result in disproportionate quality control for small and medium sized practices. The dissertation is especially focusing on problem areas within economic burden, skills, method for implementation and changed conduct. The recent year s evolution within the accountancy profession has led to stricter requirements in a number of areas. The reports from Revisortilsynet point out the largest contributor of mistakes are the small accountants. Each year, these deficiencies are identified by the conducted control of the selected practices. Despite positive announcements from several sources, an examination of Revisortilsynets latest report for 2013, compared to the two recent, shows that the results is not quite so positive. From the highlighted problem areas and the issues identified from Revisortilsynets reports collected, we have created a questionnaire which was sent out using our network to small and medium sized practices throughout Europe. The responses received are being used to analyse how Danish quality control can benefit from changes, using inspiration from elsewhere in Europe. Derived from the questionnaires we interviewed three Danish accountants from smaller practices, who gave their view on current quality control and any related issues. With reflection on these answers combined with the analysis of our data, we summarise the essential problem areas and propose recommendations how to solve them. The conclusion shows that a number of areas could be handled differently with good results, to create an improved statutory quality control carried out by Revisortilsynet.

EducationsMSc in Auditing, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2015
Number of pages126