Knowledge creation and Internet – a contract between efficiency and usefulness: Evidence from Computer games companies

Yuliya Laurynenka

Student thesis: Master thesis


Knowledge, creativity and Internet are the notions which have won a strong position in modern business life. Collaboration of all these notions is indispensible part of working process in Computer games industry, where technology and art tightly coexist. Development of new Web 2.0 tools and applications (blogs, wikis, forums –the most well-known of it) attracted a big attention and opened up new possibilities and horizons for business – from marketing to innovations. Web 2.0 tools and applications, what are they - a big fuss or real participants of working processes? This study investigates how Internet and Web 2.0 tools are used during knowledge creation and game development process in Computer games industry. These issues in Computer games industry were not widely covered in literature previously. The literature review section provides theoretical framework for the study. It includes overview of game development and knowledge creation processes and their facilitating factors, Internet and Web 2.0 tools, which could support and enable work. Exploitation of case-study research method provides the possibility to investigate and compare working processes in two companies, which are situated in different countries and develop games for different gamers. ArtofCrime is a Danish company which creates no-violent detective games for teens. Latvian AmberGames develops fantasy strategy games. The author intentionally chose companies which develop on-line games as they might be better acquainted with Internet technologies. The author conducted 9 interviews and received 10 answered questionnaires from professionals who take part in the game development process. Besides, some direct observations were made by author at the office of ArtofCrime. Aforementioned materials formed primary data for the research. Conducted study revealed some working characteristics incident for Computer games. These features influence knowledge creation process and use of Internet in it. The conclusion of the work shows that Internet is widely used in working process and knowledge creation, however, the pattern of Web 2.0 tools is rather standard. Internet and Web 2.0 technologies are mainly passively used and all possibilities of Web 2.0 applications are not exploited for knowledge creation process.

EducationsMSocSc in Management of Creative Business Processes , (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2012
Number of pages144