Kvalitetsbegrebets betydning for ledelse på dagtilbudsområdet

Ulla Moth-Lund Christensen & Lis Freisner

Student thesis: Master executive thesis


In August 2007 the Danish government released a program called The Quality Reform. It contains a great deal of links to the development that has been going on in the public sector over the last 20 years and it increases focus on self governance and professional management. Our focus has been on Quality as a framework for management on the daycare institutions. Quality defined in a triangle by: Quality of Organizing, Quality of Professionalism, Quality of Public Participation. There is a great focus on both organizing, meaning management and leadership, and being able to lead the professionals. The leaders of the institutions have to manage and incorporate all three meanings of quality, so that they can become the new leaders, who are needed, to fulfill the framework for management. This master thesis shows, that the management has been given the room for leadership by the Government – but it also shows that it takes more than meet the eyes to be a public manager. The reform predict that if the quality reform shall become a success, then the organizations needs to have managers that want, can and dare to manage their organizations.

EducationsMaster of Public Administration, (Executive Master Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2011
Number of pages85