The Differential and Complementary Impact of Service-Dominant Orientation and Entrepreneurial Orientation On Business Performance

David Svensson

Student thesis: Master thesis


Strategic orientations play an important role for firms’ success. In this thesis the interplay of a firm’s service-dominant orientation (SDO) and entrepreneurial orientation (EO) is intestigated. Both orientations can co-exist in firms and are particularly relevant in today’s business environment due to their focus on value co-creation and innovation respectively. Advancing strategic marketing thought, this thesis introduces an orientation matrix, comprising four strategic types that results from various combinations of EO and SDO: Proactive Co-creators, Conservative Co-creators, Proactive Dominators, and Conservative Dominators. In addition to delineating these strategic types, contextual circumstances in which each of these strategic combinations is assumed to be particularly well suited, implying positive performance consequences is proposed. Based on these strategic types, the differential and complementary impact of SDO and EO on business performance is investigated by surveying top-managers across firms in Sweden and Denmark. Overall, this thesis is aiming at significantly advance the marketing and strategy literature, and empirically test the differential and complementary impact SDO and EO have on business performance.

EducationsMSc in International Marketing and Management, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2015
Number of pages56