Danske Spil - til glæde og gavn? En analyse af Danske Spils CSR-udfordringer i forbindelse med kommunikation på de sociale medier

Jens Jensen & Michael Clausen Kellberg

Student thesis: Master thesis


There is no denying that the popularity of CSR and social media has increased rapidly in recent years. However, research on how companies are to implement CSR strategies onto the social platform still remains surprisingly unexplored. Therefore the purpose of this master thesis is to explore and contribute to the line of research through an extensive case study of the Danish company Danske Spil, a state owned company in the controversial industry of gambling. More specifically the thesis investigates how the company can strengthen relations to its customers through CSR and the reporting of CSR on social media platforms. With the use of qualitative interviews and the method of netnography, the identity and image of the company is analyzed to determine the relationship between these in a CSR context. In addition, the company’s use of social media is thoroughly addressed. Our findings suggest that Danske Spil predominantly is regarded as a socially irresponsible company, which differs highly from the company’s interpretation of their identity in relations to CSR. Whereas Danske Spil sees itself as a company that goes beyond society’s expectations of social responsibility, the users in the netnographic research think the company shirks away from its responsibilities. This indicates that CSR isn’t fully integrated into the company’s overall business strategy and thus provides a challenge for Danske Spil in creating shared value. Although several problems are identified, the biggest issue for Danske Spil is that the activities of the company are contributing to the dissemination of problem gamblers – a major problem in the Danish society. In contrast the company is subjected to a vast amount of rules, regulations and expectations because of its status as a state owned enterprise in a controversial industry. The company thus experiences several dilemmas in its work with CSR, as it is seen as a greedy entity that only focuses on maximizing profit at the expense of the people that are affected negatively by the company actions, but at the same time is expected to be more responsible than regular companies. Our findings further show that Danske Spil doesn’t manage to use the social media as is intended. The platform is primarily used to advertise for the products the company sells, instead of entering into dialogue with customers. Although this further inhibits the possibilities of strengthening relations to customers, it does, however, not mean that the company is without possibilities of doing so. The master thesis contains a plan of actions that Danske Spil should follow if they want to succeed with CSR communication on the social media. This plan suggests that the company should listen to the social media, increase the commitment to CSR, change its approach to communication and reconsider its strategy on the social media.

EducationsMA in International Business Communication (Intercultural Marketing), (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2014
Number of pages121