Revisors rolle i SMV-segmentet: Fra et interessentperspektiv

Jannie Caspersen & Annemette Kruuse Larsen

Student thesis: Master thesis


The issue of the thesis is the role of the auditor in the market for small and medium entities (SME) both now and in the future. The conditions for auditors in this market are changing due to changes in legislation, pressure from the public as a result of a number of business scandals and the financial crisis. The issue will be dealt with based on theories about auditing, the international development in auditing and an empiric analysis of the key stakeholders in the SME‐market. The title question is as follows: ‘Does compliance exist between the stakeholders perception of the current and future role of auditors in the SME‐market in Denmark?’ To help us answer the title question, we have listed 5 sub‐questions. First the international development of auditing and its impact on Danish conditions will be highlighted. Then different theories about why there is a need for auditing in the SME‐market will be clarified. This is followed by a section about the special conditions of this market, including a presentation of communication theories, which plays a big part in this market. Finally the key stakeholders are found, and this will be the basis for the empirical analysis. The empirical part of the thesis is a questionnaire, which has been sent to 3 groups of respondents. The selected groups are executives in SME’s, auditors and banks/lenders. The purpose is to identify the opinion of the groups and conformity or lack of conformity between the groups. To make the comparison more clearly, we have categorized the questions and answers into 3 topics, which are continuing/discontinuing the audit, communication and the future. We have compared the answers received with the theory previously examined. The answers of the respondents indicate that the groups overall agree, however we see some level of disagreement in some of our sub‐questions. Our answer to the title question, based upon the use of the theories examined and the empirical data derived from the answers to the questionnaires and interviews with selected stakeholders, is as follows: According to the stakeholders in our analysis, the primary role of auditors in the SME‐segment is (statutory) audit, accounting consultancy and tax/VAT‐assistance. Our analysis shows that complete compliance exists between the stakeholders perception of the current role of auditors in the SME‐segment. Furthermore our analysis shows that the stakeholders don’t expect this role to change significantly in the future. Therefore compliance also exists between the stakeholders perception of auditors role in the future in the SMEsegment: audit, accounting consultancy and tax/VAT‐assistance.

EducationsMSc in Auditing, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2012
Number of pages135