Profilering af Vej & Park Bornholm i praksis

Bjarne Freund-Poulsen

Student thesis: Master executive thesis


For my masters’ thesis, I have chose to work with both the complexities of branding and profiling, which often pose challenges for the public sector. Basically, one might question the necessity thereof, that the public sector only need concentrate on the production, the delivery of services and benefits to which they present. Branding was primarily associated with the private sector and companies within. Branding can, however, and also to some extent be relevant to public organizations, especially in relation to their strategic communication. For instance, in order to create visibility for their visions and values and also to create synergy, transparency and understanding in relation to their stakeholders. Relative to leadership in a public context, there has been a significant focus on management, strategic communication and profiling in recent years, which as part of a branding process is highly relevant to public organizations. A very important factor is that there are considerably different conditions for branding in the public sector compared to branding in the private sector. In this master thesis, I will keep a special focus on the company stakeholders and the basic narrative story. Prior to the consolidation of municipalities of Bornholm in 2003, the so-called “good” old days, the unites of (Roads & Parks) Vej & Park Bornholm (VPB) were very anonymous bodies with focus on only having to re-act and deliver, and not having the same proactive focus and competition exposure as the VPB we experience today. In connection with the amalgamation in 2003 and the simultaneous introduction of the Ordering- Performing model (BUM), the impact of image, identity and profile branding turned out to be key issues for VPB. VPB no longer could dominate with the performance of its existing core functions and thus, had to adapt in a now more competitive and aggressive market. In addition, with the age gap, demographical and geographical spread this could give some recruitment challenges in the near future and has made that VPB both internally and externally, needs to be more visible to its stakeholders. In connection with the selection of my problem formulation, I have therefore chosen to focus on the core story and profiling, in comparison to the stakeholders of VPB.

EducationsMaster of Public Governance, (Executive Master Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2012
Number of pages210