GOSH COSMETICS globale outsourcing proces

Danny Lennart Jacobsen

Student thesis: Diploma thesis


SME´s globalization creates growth, increased profits and new jobs, shows the numerous analyses. Many family-owned businesses are experiencing problems during this transition phase - often because there is a need for more leadership skills, additional experienced personnel and widening the ownership for more capital for investment in expansion. The successful fashion company GOSH COSMETICS may need a new savvy strategic initiative to prepare and adjust for a more flexible environment with innovation to add more value for the customer. In the fashion industry trends shifting on a daily basis and the companies must be preferably two steps ahead of the closest competitor to sustain competitiveness. Take the control of the development of innovation and knowledge in a higher degree, will probably be the natural evolution of the company's growth. The case is to analyse the Danish wholly family owned cosmetic GOSH company´s internal strength and the business environmental navigation, a “before transition phase”, to see how prepared the company is for a further globalization and how it can be developed. The case will focus analysing and stipulate the outsights of possibilities for an increased participation in the global arena. In specific, the case will focus on four steps, 1) preparednes for what? What can GOSH within 3 -5 years work towards. What is the global conditions and environment. 2) How is industri,- and the competitors acting. 3) How should GOSH establish further. 4) How is GOSH internally, cost structure and how does their core values add value for the customer today to sustain competitivnes. The recommendations on third part, for which GOSH strive for to increase the chance for a successful pathway in the future, in the opportunities for sustainable competitiveness and globalization. The findings of these studies will seek to conclude by identifying various recommendations which hopefully other companies also can take part of. The analyses are carried out from appearances and secondary data from own findings. The company did not, unfortunately, want to participate in this case; therefor the likelihood for correct conclusions should only be read for inspirational use and seen as recommendations only.

EducationsGraduate Diploma in International Business, (Diploma Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2013
Number of pages68