From coast to host: An exploratory study of Elsinore’s brand image and identity in a city-branding context

Marie-Louise Høffner Krogh

Student thesis: Master thesis


We live in a globalised world where it has become easier and cheaper than ever to pack a bag, book a ticket and travel somewhere. The easy access to almost all destinations in the world has intensified the competition, as tourists look for destinations on a broader scale than ever. Cities all over the world have started to realise the importance of city branding as a tool to achieve recognition and force of attraction from the international tourist segment. This thesis seeks to answer the problem formulation of out how Elsinore’s brand and identity should be managed to increase international recognition and force of attraction. Elsinore is one of the cities in Denmark with most tourism potential because of its vast cultural and historical attractions. The city has spent many resources the past years on trying to get increased international recognition, for instance with the opening of the Maritime Museum and the Cultural Yard. Elsinore is however facing a few challenges that complicate the process of achieving international recognition and force of attraction. The city’s main problem is the big gap between how potential tourists currently perceive the city and what the city ideally wants to be known for. The big task in this thesis has been to identity this gap, as this knowledge is vital in the process of finding out how Elsinore’s brand and identity should be managed to increase international recognition and force of attraction. The process of gathering the necessary empirical data, to close the above-mentioned information gap, involved asking 850 people in Denmark, Sweden and Germany the question of what three things they associate with Elsinore. These findings were set up against nine in-depth interviews with various experts within the tourism industry in Elsinore, North Sealand and the Capital region, who were interviewed about their ideas on how to attract more international tourists to Elsinore. This data provided a clear picture of the city’s current brand image and identity, which provided the foundation for the recommendations that were given in the conclusion. It has been concluded that Elsinore has a communication issue due to the fact that Elsinore’s current brand image is very far from its identity. A clear vision and strategy for Elsinore is needed in the future, and that strategy involves increased stakeholder cooperation, co-branding agreements with cities, regions and attractions, more focus on signature events and increased emphasis on online communication.

EducationsMSc in International Marketing and Management, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2015
Number of pages114