Viatempos produktudvikling: Marketing Automation

Mads O. Madsen

Student thesis: Diploma thesis


This HD MM thesis focuses on the IT Company Viatempo and its possibility to market and sell Marketing Automation Software. Viatempo wants to develop a service-offer, which will deliver a gross profit margin at a minimum of 30% and average an annual growth of minimum 30% in the next 5 years. By partnering up with the company HubSpot that have developed a product within Marketing Automation, Viatempo has the possibility to add additional value by using its own project method for implementing IT. This method focuses not just solely on implementing the software, but also on changing the behaviour and process within the customer organisation. Also known as change management. By utilising this project method, Viatempo will be able to differentiate its Value Proposition from its competitors. Since Viatempo is a small company with limited financial resources, it must rely on its ability to team up with other companies and freelancers. This will continue until Viatempo reaches 4 sales in a year. This is the point were it will be make it more profitable to use solely internal resources. After having conducted a questionnaire, it became clear that companies choosing to buy Marketing Automation Software values 3 primary things: Price, Functionality and Usability. Taking price and functionality into context it was possible to see a profitable segment within the Danish market. Companies with more than 250 employees and +200 million DKK in revenue, which could be found in the IT, Service and Medical sector is the target group. Furthermore the questionnaire revealed some key success factors that were necessary in succeeding with this product development strategy. The product needed to cover functionality such as: Campaign Management, Contact Management, Platform Management and A/B Test. To further gain use of its strategic strengths, Viatempo should include Change Management, Behaviour triggered e-mail and the best Usability in the business. The two last strengths can be found in HubSpot’s Marketing Automation product. With a service-offer that includes one of the top products in the Marketing Automation business and adding additional value through the Change Management concept, Viatempo will be able to achieve a successful product development strategy.

EducationsGraduate Diploma Marketing Management and International Trade, (Diploma Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2015
Number of pages74