Projekter og paradokser: Perspektiver, dynamikker og strategier i Saxo Bank

Marie Sundby Palle

Student thesis: Master thesis


This thesis questions how modern organizations are both managing and being managed by the employees through a particular gaze on the Project as a driver that continuously establishes and dissolves relations. More specifically, this thesis aims to observe how these relations embody a limited temporality and self-protecting individual agenda through asking: Which organizational and individual communicative possibilities and impossibilities come to live through the corporate values and rapidly changing organizational environment in Saxo Bank? Drawing on a dialogue with sociologists, philosophers and the management literature on organization, corporate culture and change management, this thesis composes a Deleuzian diagram: Saxo Bank, a Danish investment bank, as a project organization. Curious about the tensions and contradictions in a project-based organization, I conducted an empirical study based mainly on field observations and interviews. Together, this exposes a cartography of organizational perspectives, dynamics and strategies without any fixed coordinates at hand. Through adapting a systems theory and Goffmanian perspective it was possible to grasp the interactional dynamics and hybrid strategies of Saxo Bank within the Deleuzian diagram. ! ! The thesis concludes that Saxo Bank’s perspective on change and corporate values respectively constitutes an organizational ideal of the rational actor that the employee has to shape himself within. This process of shaping involves a specific form of interaction and relating, where the organizational relations become a matter of individual “uncommitted continuity”. Both employees and organization are caught in a paradox: Obey and be independent! and Build and erode boundaries! The paradoxes construct a highly vulnerable and risky organizational environment and point to the necessity for Saxo Bank to reflect upon how to create employees, who create themselves as “Saxonians”.

EducationsMSocSc in Political Communication and Managment, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2012
Number of pages98