IFRS 17 og analyse af dennes påvirkning på danske forsikringsselskaber og pensionskasser

Veron Bexheti

Student thesis: Diploma thesis


IFRS 17 is one of the most discussed accounting standards presented by the IFRS. The new accounting standard for Insurance is finalized and pushed back a few times, before setting the ultimate deadline of releasing it the 1 January 2023.
IFRS 17 is considered a widely more broad and comprehensive standard as to how the insurance liabilities should be recognized. The new standard will make more comparability and transparency to the insurances companies and their readers.
The motivation behind this proposal is to make insurance agencies mindful of the progressions by the new accounting standard, which the insurance agencies should adjust, their business to in other to be grievance with IFRS 17. The difficulties which lies ahead for the insurance agencies can differ a great deal, in view of the current standard – IFRS 4, was sometimes open for neighborhood GAAP to manage the bookkeeping norms for protection contracts in numerous regions. The open door for neighborhood GAAP guideline under IFRS 4 is one of the principle reasons of actualizing IFRS 17, to make sure about arrangement in the applied bookkeeping strategies, introduction of the budget reports and exposures.
This analysis will show the differences between the accounting standards as used now and the new accounting standard IFRS 17.
The conclusion is that IFRS 17 will significantly change the view of insurances annul reports and promote more transparency.

EducationsGraduate Diploma in Accounting and Financial Management, (Diploma Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2020
Number of pages28