Project Management and Planning in the Context of Innovation: A case story for ‘The New Rail Copenhagen – Ringsted’

Mie Bøgh Arildsen

Student thesis: Master thesis


The society are changing, new products of technology are developed and the infrastructure is im-proved, e.g. are small hospitals are merged to large hospital. All of these initiatives is realized with a idea that becomes a project and after a number of processes is becomes part of our daily life. This thesis will evaluate on what happens behind the scene in the development from a flux idea to the realization. In particular, this thesis apply two project management theories and apply this to-gether with an in-depth case study of the Banedanmark project ‘The new rail Copenhagen-Ring-sted’ a high-speed train connection and the first step of connecting Copenhagen to the coming Feh-marn tunnel. This project is applying to one of the two selected project management approach, the Reference Class Forecast, and is the basis for a critical case about project management. The thesis apply to the Karl Von Poppel methodology of Black Swans and will be based on the case story collecting epi-sodes, which exemplify black swans in regard to the what the project management theories and also what the planners was expecting in the idea phase compared to what was realized in the program and design phase. The thesis will show that both project management has limitations and potentials regarding the ap-plied case. Also the case will show to have its own understanding of dilemmas to project manage-ment and therefore a third project management approach to offer. These three in combination will show that planning is important in particular in projects when the construction owner is not the exe-cuter. Meanwhile a focus on knowledge and continuous learning is also important, which was an eye opener for the ‘The new Rail Copenhagen – Ringsted’ project

EducationsMSc in Management of Innovation and Business Development, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2013
Number of pages117