Market Analysis of the Launch of an Eco-friendly Kit in the Tourism Sector

Silvia Farinini

Student thesis: Master thesis


This thesis wants to investigate the idea of sustainability in Italy, especially at the 5 Terre, the change of people’ mindset during years, towards less polluting and more eco-friendly practices, to help protecting the surrounding and the environment. Since tourism is one of the main contributors to pollution and waste, due to the mass of people visiting countries without paying attention to sustainability and ecology, this paper tries to discover what tourism and sustainable tourism mean today, by solving the research question and estimate the reduction of waste caused by travelers, “What about a new “Sustainable Survival Kit”, full of ecofriendly products and services for tourists? Moreover, how would this kit influence tourists and help the reduction of dirt?”. The goal would be promoting sustainable ideas to educate customers and provide benefits both for the environment and the community, such as the launch of the AMICOkit, which is made of sustainable and not polluting materials. This will have the advantage of being innovative, for free at touristic destinations1, and composed by useful tools for the stay and souvenirs to bring back home. Further, it will permit a cost reduction for the hotel facilities from less energy and water consumption, and a decrease of the general costs of environmental maintenance, such as trash pick-up. Moreover, from this problem statement, the 5 Terre trail market will be analyzed through theories and data collection, to discover the efficacy of the kit and its contribution to the reduction of dirt. The major theories in consideration regard sustainability and tourism, but also models of marketing and communication, to study the tourism field in the territory and underline consumers’ purchase behaviors towards sustainable products. Further, qualitative and quantitative studies will be conducted by using surveys and interviews. The first one will be online, to reach more respondents in less time, through social networks and tourism sites, while the interviews will be gathered by interviewing exponents of local hotel facilities and commercial activities, to catch their thoughts on the kit. Lastly, a financial analysis will be done to prove the financial stability of the launch, discovering that the kit will be auto financed and won’t require any extra costs, but made to overcome the possible costs as 0. Conclusively, the kit will keep the benefits of tourism without economical or environmental extra costs, and will also be an attraction for tourists, through the increase of local economy and business. Additionally, it will enlarge the image of the Cinque Terre worldwide, as an eco-friendly touristic destination which cares of the nature and the environment

EducationsMSc in International Marketing and Management, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2012
Number of pages113