How an MNC can enter Pakistani telecom mobile market: Tailor-making the strategies

Nabeel Ahmad

Student thesis: Master thesis


The motive behind writing this report is to unfold the strategies and findings, a MNC can exploit to initially enter and later on establishing itself on targeted telecommunication sector of Pakistan. In this era of hyper competition, national and multinational organizations continue to face challenges to succeed in a globally integrated world. In doing so these organizations uncover more challenging dimensions of their business models, which are necessary in order to stay competitive in developing economies like Pakistan. If we study the contemporary investment and strategic management, it is quite obvious that over past few decades developing economies are the most favorable destinations for MNCs to invest and establish operations as compared to saturated developed economies. But entering and competing in these developing economies like Pakistan is not a smooth sailing, it posses great threats along with the opportunities of abnormal profits. First steps towards entering these mass developing economies is to analyze the state of economy of targeted country (Pakistan). The analysis includes telecom market analysis and its two major 8 components customers and competitors. And this analysis is based on microeconomic, mesoeconomic and macroeconomic scenario. Microeconomic variables include the current situation within telecommunication sector. Where as meso and macro levels demonstrate the current situation in telecommunication sector, economic, political, and social and business environment of the host country. Among the prominent features of developing economies (Pakistan) are complex and very turbulent, instable and unreliable political and economic environment accompanied by poor legal system and totally different cultural taboos and norms. Despite all these passive variables, there are still lots of opportunities for MNCs in these markets because of size of these untapped markets and relaxations given by the governments of these developing economies to foreign investors. Furthermore, exploring into emerging economies can provide MNCs with access to a fast-growing population that is potentially the most exciting growth opportunity of the future (Hart and Christensen, 2002). But the important and crucial question is “when” and “how” to enter these markets and after successfully entering tailor making the strategies in order to compete and gain competitive advantage. This also addresses the main research problem of my report.

EducationsMSc in International Marketing and Management, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2009
Number of pages95