Praktisk filosofi: Fælles værdigrundlagfor principal og agent

Mette Skat Persson

Student thesis: Master executive thesis


This project analyse how management can help create a organizational fundament of common values, that is solid enough to carry cooperation across different departments and many different tasks, and their solutions.
Working with solutions of most public core assignments, collaboration across departments and sectors are necessary, if they are to be solved creating most public value. In addition, it is important to know yourself and your own boundaries in a collaborative community, where the focus is on the balance between ethical duty and ethical rights.
The Greek word “Philosophia” -love of wisdom, forms the foundation of the daily and practical pursuit of wisdom and in this context, wisdom and leadership. To search for, examine and critically decide what good leadership is, you may even question what may already be accepted or "commonly known", as good management.
Ole Fogh Kirkeby, who is professor in philosophical management, has through protreptic conversations presented, how you can help employees and managers to gain a greater understanding of the value base on which they perform, and for themselves in both private and a work situations. The people involved in a protreptic dialogue, will continuously gain new insights and as a manager improve the ability to take on the leadership role, through dialogues about relevant values, just as the employee with more specialized tasks, can become better at self-management.
My hypothesis is, that through a series of conversations inspired by a protreptic approach, departments can achieve a greater knowledge of each other in terms of common values, but also within the framework each department operate in. The goal is to achieve a closer corporation between departments and reduce the impact from departmental power. In this way, the desire is to strengthen the decision-making competence of the individual employee, and support the often difficult dilemmas that must be solved, so decisions are made, based on qualified and shared knowledge, for the benefit of the citizens, who are our target group.
I will analyse whether a protreptically inspired approach, based on common values, can strengthen the continuous development by good experience with exchanging views of values. It may inspire further dialogues and shared reflections in several other areas and be useful in other parts of the organization.
If the wish is, an organisational culture where managers and employees act upon, both their own, the department and the whole organisation ́s values, it would be possible to use a protreptic approach, to support communication on how these values look like, when operationalized.

EducationsMaster of Public Governance, (Executive Master Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2020
Number of pages40
SupervisorsOle Fogh Kirkeby