User experience in a workplace setting: Exploring usefulness, ease of use and enjoyment

Lars Kristensen

Student thesis: Master thesis


This thesis argues that User Experience (UX) is important in the workplace as it can increase use and consequently utilization of IT. This seems particularly relevant because leisure technology may have raised demands to technology in general. Therefore, it explores aspects of UX that are important for antecedents of use, i.e. perceived usefulness, ease of use and enjoyment, within the context of climate management. Data is gathered through the Experience-Sampling-Method followed by interviews and subsequently analyzed with Exploratory Data Analysis techniques. The results show that usefulness is contextdependent and associated with a feeling of control. Ease of use means simple design and use for the sake of comprehensibility, control and reassurance. Enjoyment is particularly subjective and can come from external factors, the visual, stimulation through graphs, monitoring being interesting, when something works as intended and self-images of business-oriented and intelligent and smart. Reassurance and immersion are necessary conditions. The thesis discusses how the findings may inform approaches to UX and potential impediments to designing for UX in a real context. It suggests that enjoyment in the workplace may be an interesting future topic.

EducationsMSc in Business Administration and Information Systems, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2014
Number of pages81