Strategisk mellemledelse i Region Hovedstaden: En strategisk analyse af det fælles lederudviklingsprogram i Danmarks største region

Aia Thorup, Anne Obling & Søren Juul

Student thesis: Master thesis


This thesis sheds light on how the basic training module ‘Managing Co-workers’, an integral component of the Capital Region leadership development program, functions as a vehicle for implementing the overall regional strategic agenda - Focus and Simplification. More specifically, it explores the strategy of top management in implementing the basic training module and its ramifications for middle managers. The analytic intent of the thesis, is to zero in on the underlying strategic rationale behind the Capital Region’s strategic implementation from a meta-perspective and on down to the operational level of middle management. Our findings show that the strategy behind the strategic implementation, as viewed by the intent of top management to facilitate change via the basic training module ‘Managing Co-workers’, is paradoxical in that it intersects Whittington’s four strategic perspectives. Furthermore, we found that the top-down strategy of the Capital Region’s hierarchical management structure and the intended leadership pipeline harbor contradictory incentives that risk compromising middle managements ability to procure bottom up feedback The thesis concludes that the aim of basic training module Managing Co-workers, is both to develop the competencies of middle management and to function as a strategy for implementation. The unintended outcome of embedding this dual function into the basic training module, is, that its participants give more weight to competency development, than to the strategy implementation intentions of top management.

EducationsMaster of Public Administration, (Executive Master Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2016
Number of pages202