The relationship between internal communication & job satisfaction: A case study

Hrund Steingrímsdóttir

Student thesis: Master thesis


The subject of this thesis is to examine internal communication within organizations and its relations with job satisfaction. The research is a case study research where the case used was an Icelandic University called Reykjavik University (RU). The aim is to answer the question: “Is there a relationship between internal communication and job satisfaction at RU?” In order to answer the problem definition, four research questions were put forth. The research was accomplished using quantitative research methods. A questionnaire was sent to all full time employees at RU and they were asked to participate in the survey. The response rate was 69.5%. The questionnaire contained a number of multiple choice questions where employees were asked to reveal their opinion of several statements related to internal communication and job satisfaction by answering how much they agreed or disagreed with a given statement. Moreover, the questionnaire involved six questions concerning how much or little information employees received from different communication channels and one open-ended question was also put forth. The primary result indicates that employees are in many ways satisfied with internal communication within the university. At the same time, opportunities for enhancement are noticeable. The overall communication is satisfactory, but employees are most satisfied with internal communication factors regarding relationship with supervisor and co-workers. Supervisors may, however, give employees more feedback, such as praise and information about their performance. Furthermore, employees want to receive more information from top management and want to be more involved in the decisions made at the top. By communicating more strategically, providing more information from the top, and encouraging supervisors to provide more feedback and training to managers and employees in how to communicate effectively, Reykjavik University can create an even better workplace and higher employee satisfaction regarding internal communication and job satisfaction.

EducationsMSc in Brand and Communications Management, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2011
Number of pages101