The complexity of the Region Branding Process - A new model: Branding the region of Moldova (Romania) on the UK market

Elisabeta Morariu

Student thesis: Master thesis


Tourism has become a very important sector for a destination’s economic health. Nowadays, not only products compete against each other, but regions, cities and countries do too. Having an appealing brand, with an interesting value proposition has become a very important aspect for a destination, if it aims to attract visitors. However, building a strong brand is a complex process, which has to be tailored to every specific target market. The paper focuses on region branding, putting under the loop Moldova, a region situated in the North-East part of Romania. The potential that this region has, as well as what are the main pillars on which the destination brand should be built on, was studied in relation to the British market. An online survey was conducted to test the level of knowledge, perception and interest that the tourists in the UK might have about Moldova region. In addition, insights were obtained in respect to the requirements, expectations and needs of the modern British tourist. Proving the complexity of the region branding process, the thesis puts forward a new pyramid, formed from the compilation of several models from the country, city and region branding literature. The point of departure in this process was the “Brand personality and the benefit pyramid” proposed by Morgan, Pritchard and Pride which constituted the backbone model, to which other models were added. Moreover, the assimilated models were challenged and additional elements were adhered. As a result, the complexity of the backbone model was increased both vertically, as well as horizontally. The new proposed pyramid intends to constitute the basis for a complex region branding analysis, leading to the creation of a competitive brand. Combining theory and practice, the thesis concludes with a set of recommendations meant to support the process of building the region brand of Moldova in relation to the British market

EducationsMSocSc in Service Management, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2015
Number of pages105