Revisors rolle i kreditvurderingen ved långivning til klasse B-virksomheder

Oxana Knudsen

Student thesis: Master thesis


This paper is concerning credit rating to SME and auditors role in this process. Credit rating consists of quantitative and qualitative rating of customers’ conditions. The quantitative rating is first of all based on account information, which the credit supplier gets from the applicants financial statement. The qualitative part of the rating is covered by studying the customers’ leadership, education, company strategy etc. This paper shows that the quantitative part has the primary role in rating. The bankers need reliable account information for making rating. Having accounting functions not separated is characteristic for SME, which make it difficult to bankers to assess the reliability of the information. The creditors need third part assistance for making a statement about the value of the financial statement. One of this papers hypotheses are therefore, if the creditors really need the auditors product in credit rating and if the product, auditors supply, are in agreement with the bankers desires. This hypothesis is also interesting to cover because of the financial statements gives the past information, while the credit rating is looking ahead. The other existing hypothesis is that auditors exist as long as there is a demand for auditors’ products. The purpose of the paper is therefore to help the bankers to understand the auditors’ products and use these further in the credit rating for saving the resources in rating process. For auditor it means strengthen of the products demand and survival on long run of line of business. For covering the papers hypotheses examinations were made. These were based on interviews of nine banks. It helped both to make a picture of real credit rating, the lenders needs in the process and testing hypotheses in the paper. The study shows that the credit rating process is very comprehensive. The credit supplies knowledge of the auditor products is very poor and they do not know about the opportunity to get more information for credit rating from the auditors’ information. Improved communication between parties is needed because of the interest to help their client to get the credit is identical. Bankers are happy for having an auditor in lending process. The better cooperation and communication between the parties will help auditor better to understand the bankers need and better help the client to be prepared before bank visit and during visit for lending purpose.

EducationsMSc in Auditing, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2009
Number of pages155
SupervisorsThomas Riise Johansen