CBS - en splittet organisation? En undersøgelse af CBS’ kultur og identitet

Jane Nagbøl & Ditte Nørskov Levinsen

Student thesis: Master thesis


Copenhagen Business School (CBS) offers a wide range of courses within two main disciplines, language and economics. The language courses are situated at Dalgas Have whereas the courses on economics are located at Solbjerg Plads. During our time at CBS, we have felt that there is a different culture at the two campuses. Cultural differences within an organisation may result in the organisation’s identity being divided, meaning that the organisation sends out conflicting messages about “Who the organisation is”. As a result hereof, the surrounding world may get a different perception of the organisation than the desired. Thus, we found it interesting to analyse CBS’ culture and identity in order to uncover if there actually exist differences between the culture and thereby identity at Dalgas Have and Solbjerg Plads. After having analysed the culture at the two campuses, we have been able to conclude that cultural differences between Dalgas Have and Solbjerg Plads do in fact exist. These are caused by a different view of life among the students at the two campuses. At Dalgas Have, there is a humanistic view of life which has resulted in the culture being dominated by soft values making it feminine. At Solbjerg Plads, on the other hand, there is an economic view of life which has led to the culture being dominated by hard values making it masculine.

EducationsMA in International Business Communication (Intercultural Marketing), (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2009
Number of pages224