Troværdighed til salg? Et empirisk studie af virksomhedssponsoreret kommunikation på danske modeblogs

Camilla Højfeldt Rasmussen

Student thesis: Master thesis


The fast-paced evolution of technology has generated new opportunities for marketers with the personal fashion blog being one of the newest phenomena. Today’s companies view fashion blogs as a beneficial communication channel through which they can reach their customers through user- generated communication. As a result, companies pay young fashion bloggers to start conversations about their products to affect consumer preferences. This thesis explores how fashion blog readers experience businesses’ intrusion on the personal fashion blog and moreover, how it affects the fashion blog’s commercial prospect and development
The thesis adopts an exploratory research design to study blog readers’ experience, thoughts, and perceptions of the blogosphere and its commercial development as a result of new legislations in the field. Analyses are based on empirical evidence collected through the qualitative mixed method approach, as proposed by Moran-Ellis et al. (2006). Methods include netnography as proposed by Kozinets (2002; 2010), individual depth interviews as proposed mainly by Kvale & Brinkmann (2014), and ethnographic participant observations as proposed by Spradley (1979). The analyses constitute the foundation of a discussion on what challenges and opportunities the fashion blog marketing field faces as a result of occurrences in the mind of Danish female fashion blog readers.

In conclusion, the thesis identifies several insights relevant for the blog marketing field. Firstly, personal fashion blogs were found to be effective in guiding consumer behaviour in relation to fashion style, as a result of the medium’s ability to inspire. Moreover, readers appreciate the platform due to its way of easily facilitating product availability. Results show, however, that readers are turning to another social media platform from where they can acquire inspiration at a much faster pace than previously experienced on fashion blogs. In terms of company-sponsored blog content, readers accept it but they generally feel that it is in conflict with the fashion blog’s premise as an inspiring, authentic, and personal platform. As a result, readers tend to avoid or ignore it.

Overall, the thesis’ results shed light on a field that is currently under much scrutiny and which continues to develop as a result of the marketing activities imposed hereon. The thesis ends with suggesting other perspectives that would be interesting to examine in extension of this research effort, in order to widen our understanding of this dynamic field even further.

EducationsMSc in Business Administration and Organizational Communication, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2016
Number of pages190