The social shaping of technology - a case study of biochar in Denmark: A case study of the innovation journey of biochar in Denmark: insights for businesses, researchers, investors and policy-makers

Peter Poul Bjerregaard

Student thesis: Master thesis


During 2010, I conducted an investigation on the Relevant Social Groups (RSGs) related to biochar-production and their current perception of biochar as well as the general public. The results suggest that the future technological development of biochar will depend on its multifaceted capacity to ‘mitigate climate change’ through its ability to be a ‘stabile carbon storage’ and subsequently a ‘possible CDM’. In continuation of this, biochar-production might also prove helpful in solving waste disposal problems as biochar-production has the potential to be an ‘environmentally friendly disposal method’. Other key components depend on biochar’s ability to ‘increase crop productivity’ by functioning as a ’soil conditioner’ hence offering an economic benefit to farmers. However, among all RSGs, there is a widespread appreciation that ‘research is needed’ before being able to make intelligent choices on the allocation of resources into the biochar-technology and extracting the full range of benefits offered by biochar. Another key finding as a result of this uncertainty has been the discovery of a collectively passive behaviour among most RSGs, which has left room for a very active and influential Entrepreneur to act.

EducationsMSocSc in Management of Creative Business Processes , (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2011
Number of pages73