Encouraging Transformative and Sustainable Consumption Behaviour: A Study in the Rising Climate Awareness, Conscious Consumption and Second-hand Clothing for Children

Iben Pedersen Sonne

Student thesis: Master thesis


The planetary boundaries are closing in and people are increasingly becoming aware of mankind’s responsibility to change the current unsustainable consumption of earth’s resources. This thesis investigates how climate concerns and increased awareness on sustainability affect the apparel industry. The focus is on re*use, and in particular on second*hand clothing in Danish children’s wardrobes. Various sources of literature from academia, industry and popular media are reviewed in order to paint a contemporary picture of the current debate of the topics of sustainability and consumption. The literature review provides insight on the development of the apparel industry and how sustainability and environmental concerns are affecting consumer’s clothing consumption. Based on the reviewed literature, the market for second*hand children’s clothing in Denmark is investigated through an in*depth case study of the peer*to*peer second*hand platform Reshopper and it’s users. The result is a comprehensive overview of mothers’ second*hand clothing consumption on behalf of their children, from which it was possible to detect patterns and formulate concrete recommendations for businesses within the market for second*hand children’s clothing. Based on key findings, the recommendations are divided in three key categories concerning functionalities and services, social media presence and going beyond sustainability. It is concluded that businesses within this market, will be able to accommodate the demands of the conscious consumers and encourage transformative and sustainable consumption behaviour, if they incorporate these recommendations.

EducationsMSocSc in Management of Creative Business Processes , (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2019
Number of pages117
SupervisorsLara Monticelli