Olympiatoppen som murer – Olympiatoppen som maler: En studie av den kunnskapsbaserte toppidrettstilnærmingen og Olympiatoppens regionkontorer som identitetsskapere

Magnus von Schantz

Student thesis: Master thesis


Norway (Olympiatoppen) is part of the Norwegian Olympic and Paralympic Committee and Confederation of sports with responsibility for training Norwegian elite sport. This is a Master’s thesis about learning and knowledge in Team Norway’s regional offices. The goal was to analyze the regional position, when it comes to learning and knowledge, compared to the main office. My research question is “how is the knowledge-based elite sport model carried out in Team Norway’s regional offices?” I have carried out an organizational analyzes in Team Norway’s offices in the western and middle regions of Norway. My qualitative approach is to conduct six depth interviews with employees and to analyze this data through a methodological position based on practice theories with a micro sociological focus. I collected data concerning internal processes in the regional offices, their relationship with the central office and their collaborators with, mainly coaches, athletes and teams. The findings of Kjell Åge Gotvassli in his PhD; “A practice based perspective on dynamic learning network in elite sport”, gave me background knowledge and perspectives on Team Norway’s practice at the central office. Also the theories from Wenger and Giddens have been important in this work. My findings show that the regional approach to the knowledge based elite sport model is focused on identity building, team processes and knowledge sharing communities. The tools they use for this are closely linked to a pragmatic epistemological knowledge methodology, and the offices have a learning philosophy associated with social learning theory. This differs from the central approach because of whom they are approaching in their work. The regional offices are working with young athletes, coaches and teams and their approach to the knowledge based elite sport model have taken this into account. There is a stronger focus on identity and training core abilities, hence the title of the thesis; Team Norway as masons-team Norway as painters. A study of the knowledge-based elite sport approach and Team Norway regional as identity builders. As a student in Human Resource Management at Copenhagen Business School, this paper tries to reflect theories and knowledge I have learned as a student here, but it also tries to reflect the core of Human Resource Management. It is one part a practical study of Team Norway’s regional offices but also an epistemological and ontological discussion of knowledge. I think this falls naturally for the HR profession and my paper reflects this with consisting of both sociological and managerial theories.

EducationsMSocSc in Human Resource Management, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2009
Number of pages110