The Medium is the Judge: Examining the Role of Music Blogs in Music Public Relations

Mark Ivan Mukiibi Serunjogi

Student thesis: Master thesis


The pop and urban music market is overwhelmed with artists and artistic works competing for music consumers’ attention, and money. Similarly mass media are bombarding consumers with information, adverts, and symbolic massages. Because of technological advances the entry barriers for music artists, as well as informers, are lower than ever before. Success thus relies on one’s ability establish, activate, and sustain the audience needed to ensure profitability, and publicity is key to create awareness, and distinguish oneself from like producers. But how does one massmobilize consumers in a market where devotion, and purchase choices, rely on personal and undisputable tastes, and mass media’s effect is diminishing? Music blogs provide music publicists with the tools to target audiences, as blogs build networks based on taste similarities, and employ judgment devices, which provide readers with the knowledge needed to reduce product uncertainty and make reasonable decisions of which subjects comply with their personal tastes and affiliations, and thus would be compatible buys. By finding blogs whose aesthetic criteria are met by a publicist’s subject, publicists locate media rooted in the networks of the target market, and that are perceived as credible and relatable by their followers. By focusing on few central blogs, publicists save resources and benefit from the blog’s credibility, and ability to generate buzz by sharing music reviews with agreeable key consumers. As blogs and the music market are driven by the adoration of originality, the environment is ever changing rapidly. Publicists thus by monitoring feedback from their blog-interaction, get updated about current market trends, and those which are to come. They must adapt their strategic communication to this audience-feedback, to ensure the relevance and attractiveness of their clients and subjects. Today’s public sphere is fragmented and organized around personal interests and tastes. Publicists must use blogs as a gateway to adhere to the interests of the key consumers, and penetrate the dominating information noise, as blog readers generally respect the credibility, and listen to the judgments of followed blogs.

EducationsMSocSc in Management of Creative Business Processes , (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2013
Number of pages88