Deklaration af service-orienteret arkitektur

Magnus Boje Marcussen

Student thesis: Master thesis


Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) has been adopted by a vast amount of companies as a mean of gaining organizational flexibility and and business value. SOA is a type of IT architecture used for software systems with an origin in the company╩╝s business processes in the form of independent services. Hereby presenting available resources in at network that is usable across organizational boundaries. However SOA is encountering problems due to practitioners having different understandings of SOA, and this brings confusion to the business world where decision makers have lost their faith in SOA's ability to create business value. This thesis discusses the problem with SOA not having a commonly accepted definition, and as a response tries to create a definition from a business perspective. Furthermore the thesis discusses the lack of focus on the business value of SOA, and tries to identify and analyze this based on existing literature. Business value has to be rooted in the organization in order to live up to its fullest potential, therefore an analysis of how business value is rooted in the organization is conducted. As a result of the thesis a declaration of SOA is presented, containing the findings in form of the definition, business values and rooting of SOA in the organisation.

EducationsMSc in Computer Science, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2010
Number of pages72