Brug af eksterne konsulenter: Tillid og værdi

Palle Kam Djursgård

Student thesis: Master thesis


The use of external consultants is widely used in business today and company managers use consultants for many purposes. Consultants, adding a temporary resource to the organisation, enable the organisation to solve a defined problem and thereby add value. When asked about consultants, the reply of many managers is: Consultants – can they be trusted? This thesis uses the Danish media company – Berlingske Media as a case study from which the formulation of the problem arises: How does the use of consultants adds value, and how does trust play a part in the case study of Berlingske Media og the consultancy Valcon? This master thesis examines the use of external consultants within inter-organisational collaboration in the supply chain and concentrates on the relationship between the consultants and the organisation when examining the procurement project. The focus is on the implication of trust in the inter-personal relation and the value of using consultants in the context of supply chain management. The thesis applies the theory on processes when using consultants, supply chain management on partnership and trust from both a network and transactions cost approach and furthermore the sociological (emotional) approach to trust. These theoretical components are combined into a trimmed framework and a usable model for examining the implications of trust and the perceived value within a procurement project with external consultants. The examination reveals that trust (or more precisely the lack of trust) indeed influences the project. There seems to be correlation between the lack of trust and less expected value from the procurement project. The use of consultants fulfils the need by solving the task and adds economical value to the organisation in the short perspective. The consultant can be perceived as a “go-between” the organisation and the supplier, thereby affecting the important direct personal relationship and the information sharing between the organisation and the supplier. The use of external consultants needs to be embedded in the organisation, so that maximum value can be achieved from the procurement project, both in the short and the long perspective.

EducationsMSc in Supply Chain Management , (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2010
Number of pages196