Cloud tjenester i Danmark: En analyse af Atea A/S og mulighederne for at blive markedsførende udbyder af Cloud tjenester

Rasmus Winston Rasmussen

Student thesis: Diploma thesis


Information technology is one of the fastest developing areas. Over the past 10 years cloud computing has developed rapidly and today it is part of everyday life of most people. The market is broadening and now includes a wide range of data transmissions and storage over the internet. This has opened the possibility of developing new business models for IT suppliers like Atea A/S. This report is prepared as a recommendation for Atea on the possibilities of starting to supply cloud computing. It focuses on the Danish market for Cloud servers. The internal analysis showed that Atea has several strengths such as a major market share within their operating field, a loyal customer base, a strong financial business, and close strategic partners within their supply chain. Among the weaknesses, a high staff turnover was identified together with the fact that Atea is currently not a market leader within cloud technology. Furthermore, there were an indication of a decreasing customer loyalty (Net Promotor Score). The external analysis identified a number of opportunities for Atea within the market of cloud technology. Firstly, the trend of increasing digitization pushes a demand for more cloud products. Secondly, the economic recovery from the financial crisis and an increasing consumer confidence could also lead to a higher demand. The direct threat is the rival companies, but also changes in Danish legislation could open the marked for more international cloud providers and thereby strengthen the competition. In conclusion, my recommendations for Atea would be to develop a strategy for implementing cloud as a business model together with a strategic partner. Atea have a high share of the Danish IT market, and is an attractive partner for a large, international company. By retailing cloud products from an experienced cloud supplier Atea get the technical knowledge in return together with the possibility of a fast implementation process in the Danish market.

EducationsGraduate Diploma Marketing Management and International Trade, (Diploma Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2015
Number of pages83