Når lederen også er coach: Et casestudie af 6 lederes praksisbrug af ledelsesbaseret coaching og de tilhørende udfordringer, forudsætninger og successer

Ditte Jensen & Lea Jørgensen

Student thesis: Master thesis


The supply of coaching courses for Leaders is still increasing. Coaching is one of the factors that has been identified as one of the most important competences for today’s Leaders to contain. The coaching literature and course providers do not seem to take the individual Leader qualifications into consideration, when talking about coaching based Leadership. We argue that the coaching literature is not critical distinguishing between good versus bad coaching, and how is it possible to be a good coach, not just a coach. This is the view that this paper will challenge. We are challenging the thought, that all Leaders can use coaching within their role as Leaders. Our study is based on a qualitative case study of six different Leaders, from different organizations and different organizational cultures. We will argue, that in order for the Leader to be successful as a coaching Leader, the Leader must have a consisting managerial style which encourage coaching. Further we argue that the Leader’s ability to create a trustful relation with the employees is a key element, for the Leader to take the role as coach. We will argue that it is possible for all Leaders to train the coaching abilities, such as questioning, but this is just not enough to be successful as a coach. There are a lot of other factors that come in to play, and the Leaders ability to be seen as authentic by his/her employees, is crucial in coaching based Leadership. This is an element that the current literatures do not take into considerations. In order for the Leader to be seen as authentic as a coach, the Leader must have a curtain amount of emotional intelligence as we will argue, and the Leader must also believe in coaching as a valuable tool. Our results show that there is a difference in the content and purpose in coaching, and the Leaders ability to adapt the coaching accordingly, is a success factor. We will further discus the question, can all Leaders potentially function in the role as Leadership based coach?

EducationsMSc in Human Resource Management, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2012
Number of pages219