Skolereformen 2014 i Vordingborg Kommune

Julie Vibæk Holm

Student thesis: Master thesis


This thesis examines the situation in the school sector, in the municipality of Vordingborg and how the coming public-school reform and the teachers new working agreement, will affect the schools from an organizational perspective. Furthermore, which challenges that will arise because of the impact of the changes and how the management might deal with these challenges from a leadership pipeline perspective. The method applied is an analysis of relevant documents and qualitative interviews with managers from three levels of the leadership pipeline. The analysis examines the case through the following themes: First, the change process and the reactions that follow. Second, the organizational members that entail managers and employees, limited to teachers and pedagogues. Third, the organizational social processes including the system and culture, and finally the organizational communication as constituting. The thesis shows that the coming reform and working agreement in many ways affect the organizational members and processes and that the managers therefore face many challenges. Some of the challenges found most pressing are: • The realization and interpretation of the reform initiatives in the schools, where managers are experiencing very different contexts and cultures. • The requirement, that managers must be visible and participating at the schools, thus the unlearning of office management. • And a number of communication challenges in terms of clarifying the "new reality", as translators and sensemakers. • Furthermore the managers must manage employee reactions and resistance to change. As conclusion the analysis show the possibility for managers to handle many of the challenges through an integrated communication and the development of a coherent management chain, where each manager are aware of their specific responsibilities and roles and thus better able to support each other. In the integrated communication the development of communication strategy with common understanding and values, will prove efficient in the role as sense-giver and sense-maker for each manager at every level.

EducationsMSc in Psychology, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2014
Number of pages84