Studietrivsel i lyset af Facebook´s konstante tilstedevær

Kasper Nørby Ebbesen

Student thesis: Master thesis


In this thesis I examine how Facebook can be seen as an ambivalent social media as it both offers possibilities and distractions at the same time. In connection to this ambivalence, three questions are asked. How does this double-sided effect from Facebook affect students and their focus? Which implications does this impact have on students' abilities to focus on their studies? And how can these consequences be handled? These three questions form the analysis and thereby define the three study parts of the paper. Herein five theoretical perspectives are used as investigational tools and nine qualitative interviews serve as empirical focus. The main objective is through interpretation to discover how students feel and perceive the 'real-time' presence of Facebook. The initial part of the analysis asks: ”where are we going”? To examine how Facebook affects students' and their focus, Lazzaratos Creation of worlds is recognized as a theoretical concept for understanding Facebook's effect on people's general ability to handle their social media use. The study will additionally include Anders Fogh Jensen's concept of the Projecthuman, presenting a range of dilemmas and challenges due to an increasing amount of available options through advanced technology such as Facebook and Smartphones. Hereafter the implications of the abovementioned challenges are analysed. The second part is based on the research question ”is this development desirable”? Here Hubert Dreyfus will be used as a theoretical angle to view 'procrastination', through his concept of Engagement, offering a range of existential modes that are used to explore the challenges herein. The third and final part asks ”what, if anything, should we do about it”? Ole Fogh Kirkebys Practical wisdom shows a method based on exploring one's motives behind every action stating that habits easily develops into truisms that needs to be explored through a focus on inner moods. Then Pierre Hadot offers practical exercises through his concept, Attention. These exercises are based on daily planning and evaluation of one's attention, a method of focus as if it was daily physical workouts. The study concludes that the implications of Facebook are not to be removed but should rather be seen as challenges that can affect the everyday life of students. 'Real-time' disturbances as Facebook will increase due to statistics. This possibly create a need for students to be aware of how they handle the opportunities that is available from modern digital-technical inventions. The selftechnologies that are offered through practical wisdom and attention are not found to be perfect solutions but can function as inspiration for further reflections from students upon challenging disturbances. It is therefore crucial to be aware of the infinite power relations that wraps one's attention and affects one's actions and activities to maintain focus.

EducationsMSc in Philosophy, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2013
Number of pages82