Digital Purchasing: Online Teenagers Behaviour through Analysis of Social Data (Danish Teenagers case)

Navraj Mainali

Student thesis: Master thesis


Digital marketing has a major impact on any customer’s purchase intention based on any age range judging through the quality of information available on the internet. After using technology for day-to-day practice, e-commerce businesses naturally tend to impose a strategy for reaching potential customers. Since teenagers seem proportionate towards digital purchasing his research concentrates on them, particularly on Denmark (age range between from 13-19) regarding their purchasing intentions. The main objectives of this research are, aiming in identifying the types of digital device teenagers are using to purchase online. To identify what factor and behavior leads teenagers in making an intention to purchase online and to identify what strategies a marketer can use in reaching the Denmark’s teenagers. Onion research methodology was followed since it has different layers, which comprise research philosophies, research approaches, research strategies, and choices and data collection techniques. Usage of social media, especially Facebook is termed as the most useful way to connect with people. In Denmark, it is found that new media is identified as the major factor for purchase intentions on the whole. The numbers of mobile phone users are found to be high and among their continent, Denmark is found to have higher utilization of digital technologies. Hence the effect of social media especially Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are the most used platform, which has effect on purchase intentions. Most of the customer looks for quality and brand knowledge as an important factor on buying the product. From the results it can be stated that age, availability and education are the major factors on behavioral. As for academicians, the study will add more insight on dimensions of Consumer based brand equity and its elements in relating with sales promotions, price and premium promotions.

EducationsMSc in Business Administration and Information Systems, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2017
Number of pages112
SupervisorsRavi Vatrapu