Use of Improvisational Techniques towards Leadership Management: How to Work on Leaders’ Self-confidence via an “Improvisational Workshop”

Aurelija Deksnyte

Student thesis: Master thesis


The improvisational techniques are becoming more and more popular in facilitating various goals related to communication and personal changes. The aim of this paper is to delve deeper into the theory of leadership management and examine the potential and the process of incorporating improvisational workshop techniques to the leadership management facilitation. In this study two major streams of theory are coming from leadership theory and attributes, and the improvisational techniques. To add a more managerial and systemized review on the improvisational workshop, the experiential learning theory was introduced. Furthermore, the paper takes a contingency approach to leadership theory, where both individual and context are essential. For the purpose of answering the problem statement focus for the individual’s traits has been chosen to be on the self-confidence, as it is already taken in many research papers as one of the main traits in leadership. Improvisational techniques were applied in a training workshop process, and action research cycle was employed to provide the structure for exploring the best process design for leaders’ skills’ training. Through application of action research cycle this thesis explores on how improv workshop process gets developed in order to train leaders with different level of familiarity with improv in skills that are believed to influence self-confidence and its perception. Three cycles of the action research took place, and the outcome revealed that improvisational techniques can be applied to train leadership skills, self-confidence in particular, in experiential learning nature. However, the
effectiveness of single improv workshop are hard to evaluate.

EducationsMSc in Accounting, Strategy and Control, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2016
Number of pages77