Projektledelse i virtuelle web organisationer: Særlige fokusområder i forbindelse med optimering af projektledelse

Kim Balle

Student thesis: Master thesis


This thesis’ aim is to give an understanding of how project management can be optimized for Virtual Web Organizations. By using an hermeneutic philospic approach it combines the areas: Outsourcing, Project Management and Virtual Web Management to find inspiration. On a detailed level it looks at Outsourcing and Virtual Web Organizations to see how they can contribute to a specific frame model for project managment. From the subject Outsourcing it is discovered that a Virtual Web Organization needs to have outsourcing intergrated in its strategy by using the lifecycle for outsourcing. In a Virtual Web Organization the lifecycle is also needed to be intergrated as part of the project management lifecycle. From the subject Virtual Web Organizations a model for describing the organization can be used to give a better understanding of the context. From both Outsourcing and Virtual Web Organizations some spesfic capabilities demands are found for the project managmenet organization from the Virtuel Web Organization. Futher, and based on the above, a conextuel model is constructed to create an overview describing what Outsourcing and Virtual Web Organizations contributes with. With this overview seven focus areas are found, which can be used to optimize project management in Virtual Web Organizations. These focus areas and the contextuel model are found relevant in praxis by experts interviewed whoi was interviews to give their opinion on the results. The conclusion is, to optimize project management in a Virtual Web Organisation it is needed to intergrate strategy in project management. It’s also needed to use project managment to optimize the Virutal Web Organizations as a whole. Both has let to the seven focus areas and the contextuel model.

EducationsMSc in Computer Science, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2010
Number of pages114