Snapchat i en kommerciel kontekst: Et framework til virksomheder

Nick Peronard & Lars Juul Østergaard

Student thesis: Master thesis


Snapchat emerges as a new and exciting phenomenon among social medias. The platform with the ephemeral content is the second most used social media platform in Denmark, measured by the number of daily unique users. The user base is primarily between 12 and 29 year olds. With the user database in mind, the possibilities for companies can adopt Snapchat as a marketing- and interaction channel into their business if it so fit their product or service. This thesis develops a framework of guidelines and recommendations towards companies that consider to use Snapchat in a commercial context for their marketing channel. Various theories and concepts used throughout this thesis includes; Computer Mediated Communication, Time In or Time Out, Media Richness Theory and Uses and Gratification Theory, AIDA and Relationship Marketing to establish the theoretical basis for the execution of a framework. Through interviews with experts, agencies and companies there was discovered an insight of experiences in relation to user behavior and how Snapchat can be adopted onto a business platform. In the process a questionnaire was conducted targeting the user group to gain a better understanding on how to use Snapchat in a commercial context towards third parties. Theoretical findings were conducted together with the results from the interviews and the questionnaires to identify and understand the final framework. In addition the test results from the conducted questionnaires, displayed a further tendency that Snapchat was suitable for building relationships with the company’s target group and for storytelling with a marketing purpose. Using Snapchat primarily as a sales tool would have a negative effect since this was not what the users expect and is not in the spirit of Snapchat. The framework consists of five steps to improve companies understanding and use of Snapchat as a tool for their business platform. In depth the framework leads companies through considerations related to questions such as; “Should we?”, “What will we achieve?”, “How do we achieve it?”, “With what?” and lastly “Did we manage it?”. These steps ensure the importance of what third parties should be aware of and what purpose Snapchat is in relation to their own business. A closer look into the steps of the framework, is to ask about; whether or not Snapchat is relevant to the target group of your company? From there, the thoughts develop into a purpose of using the platform. Further development considers the question “How can it be achieved?”, which includes the consideration of using Snapchat as an interaction platform or a marketing tool for your business. Lastly it is reflected upon the process of how you will meet your target group in relation to the choices you make in the process of developing. Thereby a company can review and reconsider its actions throughout the process to achieve the best output every time.

EducationsMSc in Business Administration and Information Systems, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2015
Number of pages109