Oplevelsesøkonomi i Nordjylland

Maria Hasselgaard Pedersen

Student thesis: Master thesis


My motivation for writing this thesis is that I was raised in the Northern part of Jutland where people have been facing challenging times the last couple of years. A number of companies have decided to shut down their factories and many people have lost their jobs. I would like to examine how experience economy possibly may help to generate more tourists to Northern Jutland and hopefully create new jobs in the area. In my thesis, I have decided to make use of the regional marketing and development company VisitNordjylland as a case in order to illustrate how the experience economy is used in everyday life. In 1999, Joseph Pine and James Gilmore published “The Experience Economy” and they are considered the founding fathers of experience economy. The main idea behind this new economy is that in a postmodern world, service is no longer sufficient to satisfy to the consumers. Instead, they want to experience something memorable and also be a part of the product. These consumers are willing to pay a higher price for a product if it involves a good story. It is no longer enough to entertain the consumer in the experience economy, there has to be something memorable about the event something the consumer can tell his or her friends. According to Lund et al. (2005), companies are able to deliver the settings for an experience, though since people have different conditions and have to use their senses in creating a memory and an experience, however, it is not possible to guarantee it. In 2003, the Danish government stated that there more focus should be upon experience economy in Denmark due to the fact it could help create economic growth. VisitNordjylland already uses experience economy thinking in its advertising, the company wants to sell Northern Jutland as a place where there is “plenty of time to relax, be together and to experience” (www.visitnordjylland.dk/international). Furthermore, if VisitNordjylland manages to work together with local politicians and representatives from the University of Aalborg, together they can come up with solutions and ideas for the experience economy in Northern Jutland. It is not enough for Northern Jutland to have a few attractions for the tourists such as the beaches and Skagen. There has to be something worth experiencing all the year and not only in the summer time for the target group who have children, couples without children and singles, who would like to enjoy the good life, should have the possibility to do so. Tourists should not only visit Northern Jutland during summer if VisitNordjylland manages to communicate to its visitors that there is something worth seeing throughout the year, tourists are more likely to come in winter or spring. More jobs can be created and maintained in the area. Northern Jutland should not become some sort of museum or theme park. Therefore, it is crucial that the people of Jutland and the businesses agree on how they would like Northern Jutland to be represented. Hopefully, experience economy will help to create memorable stays for tourists in the area. VisitNordjylland has to communicate and offer something that surprises its guests and establishes a bond between the two. According to Pine and Gilmore (1999: 6), experience economy is about creating something memorable and where the buyer has to become a guest not just a client. VisitNordjylland has to ensure that its guests feel at home in Northern Jutland. However, there seems to be a lack of vision and funds from local politicians in the region to support projects that will bring tourists to Northern Jutland. The town of Lønstrup has experienced this first hand since it does not receive the necessary funds to protect the town from being “eaten” by the sea. This is not ideal since Lønstrup attracts many tourists all year due to its unique nature. If the idea of experience economy is to become successful in Northern Jutland, it requires that there is cohesion between vision and reality. Then tourists will be able to discover that there is no other place like Northern Jutland.

EducationsMA in International Business Communication (Intercultural Marketing), (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2009
Number of pages98