Udbud af diabeteshjælpemidler: Et wicked problem

Bolette Bisp Justesen

Student thesis: Master executive thesis


My choice of methodology is based on a single case study of a completed quotation of diabetes accessoriescarried out by the Procurement Cooperation in North Zealand. I was responsible for the quotationand the subsequent contractual negation to the net sum of 90 mdkk which was signed by the end ofMarch 2012. Several entities in the procurement cooperation are facing financial targets and consequentlythe quotation process undertaken must lead to financial benefits. This was the situation for theunit I was heading up at the time. In order to achieve a favourable price we decided to limit the portfolioof products compared to the previous contracts. The narrow scope resulted in a significant level ofcriticism among the stakeholders ie. Users, The diabetes association, Doctors and suppliers etc.In my thesis I attempt to gain insights into the potential diverging interpretations of the process by thestakeholders including an analysis of whether the various institutional conditions may have influencedthe process and the understanding by those involved. Moreover I attempt to establish an insight into thestrategic positions and options available as seen by the involved parties. The theoretical frameworkapplied is that of Klijn and Koppenjan’s approach to ‘Wicked Problems’ where there is a fundamentaldisagreement on the definition and solution to the problem. Wicked Problems are characterised by strategicand institutional uncertainty. By an in-depth analysis of the various components uncertainty factorsand interdependencies in the network I wish to understand if strategies and approaches were availablewhich could have led to unlock this specific constrained deadlock process.My analysis is split into two: First the analysis emphazises on the subjective positions of the stakeholders.Secondly the analysis reviews the underlying mechanisms impacting the locked process.In the section where the perspective is established I briefly evaluate my playing field which consist ofseveral strategic intervention opportunities in multiple arenas. Since the conditions for interactions arelimited I may attempt to take upon me the role of process facilitation whereby I can bring the paradoxesto the table and focus on the rules of engagement which could lead to predictable points of opinionsand instead place focus and attention on ensuring exchange of diversified ideas resources and capabilities.

EducationsMaster of Public Governance, (Executive Master Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2014
Number of pages55