Employer branding: Bagsiden af medaljen

Stine Wolf Homaa & Sanne Greve Sommer

Student thesis: Master thesis


The thesis is based on an interest in the phenomena “employer branding” and how an employer branding strategy affects employees either positively or negatively. Considering the examinations within this field during the past years, we have observed that the overall approach to employer branding theory primarily focuses on the benefits. The findings of this thesis will hopefully serve as inspiration for future research within employer branding strategies in Danish companies. Furthermore, the findings may strengthen the awareness of potential negative consequences of implementing an employer branding strategy. By observing and relating to this, companies may in the long run enhance the overall benefits of an employer branding strategy. Hence, the main focus in this thesis is to identify to which degree an employer branding strategy influences the employees’ identities. In other words, is there another side of the coin? To answer this question, selected critical managerial theory and literature on identity as well as employer branding theory are analysed and discussed in relation to our case study on the Danish company KMD. This approach enables us to examine the limitations and possibilities of employer branding from a practical perspective. In this thesis, we evaluate employer branding theory from a critical perspective by using the critical managerial theory. Our case study exemplifies our theoretical discussion in order to identify how and to which degree the implemented employer branding strategy affects the employees at KMD.

EducationsMA in International Business Communication (Intercultural Marketing), (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2008
Number of pages190