Revisionsprotokollen i pengeinstitutter

Louise Mossin Kofoed

Student thesis: Master thesis


This thesis has been prepared as the thesis for my MSc in Administration and Auditing studies at Copenhagen Business School and is to be seen as a contribution to the debate on audit of financial institutions. The purpose of this thesis is to illustrate the financial institutions importance to society as well as the special circumstances existing as to the audit of financial institutions, particularly focusing on the auditor's audit book comments. The special circumstances in financial institutions relating to the audit book comments will also be discussed. Accordingly, the main issues ofthis thesis are as follows: What special circumstances exist as to the auditor's reporting in the audit hook commentsfor jinancial institutions? The thesis discusses the above-mentioned topic and analyses applicable law with a view to identifying any inefficient features and suggesting possibie solutions to ensure greater efficiency and appropriate regulation in accordance with legislation applicable to auditors. I will base my answer to the question above on the Danish Public Accountants Aet, Danish rules on audit of financial institutions as well as on the roles of the auditor and the FSA from an agent-theoretical perspective. Finally, I will put into perspective the auditor's reporting in the financial centre of Luxembourg and generally put this into perspective while suggesting changes to the applicable Danish Executive Order on Auditing Financial Undertakings and Financial Groups to the effect that this Order will be consistent with the Danish Public Accountants Aet. The analyses in this thesis primarily show that a number of inconsistencies exist between the Danish Executive Order on Auditing Financial Undertakings and Financial Groups and applicable auditing standards which is manifested mainly through the disclosure requirements governing audit book comments (confirmations, disclosures and reports). Furthermore, the thesis suggests updating the Order by eliminating the disclosures required in audit book comments and instead providing them in separate statements to the FSA, this enabling the auditor to issue the reports and the audit book comments in accordance with public accountants regulations.

EducationsMSc in Auditing, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2009
Number of pages132