Værdiskabelsesfaktorer i elektroniske betalingssystemer: En komparativ analyse af værdiskabelsen overfor for forbrugerne i elektroniske betalingssystemer

Christian Olsen

Student thesis: Master thesis


The main focus of this thesis is on electronic payment systems and on which factors there is creating value for the consumers in these systems. The starting point of the thesis is the development of a Danish electronic payment system that has a vision to replace cash payments in the Danish community. To increase the possibility of creating a successful system I wish to clarify factors affect the valuecreation towards the consumers in electronic payment systems. The thesis is structured as a comparative analysis which examines four electronic payment systems with the use of my own analysis model. The analysis model contains a series of research questions that examine certain factors present in the four systems. These factors are based on theoretical material that covers three theories which each to cover the areas: businesses, consumers and the market. For the analysis I have use two successful systems and to non‐successful systems. This will create a frame of references to see the difference between the presents of the factors in successful versus nonsuccessful systems. Next to my research questions I’ve created a list of criteria’s that have the main function to show the presence of the individual factor. These criteria are those in my model for comparison that determines if the factor were present or not. The result of this comparison will be validated whit the use of an electronic payment system that hasn’t been a part of this analysis. The results my thesis shows is that there are two factors that are standing out by only being present in the successful systems. These two factors are complementary products and Lock‐in. These two factors are seen as critical in order to create value for the consumers in electronic payment systems. Besides these two factors there has been a number of factors present I both the successful and unsuccessful systems. These factors are seen as important to be able to create value for the consumers but not as critical as the two others. In other words they have to be present but they are not the essential ones for creating a successful system. These factors are: Efficiency, practical usage, conditional usage and emotions. These factors all needs to be implemented in the development of a new electronic payment system on the Danish market to be able to create value to the consumers of such system.

EducationsMSc in Computer Science, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2010
Number of pages137