Current Issues and Future Perspectives of Radio Broadcasting Industry: A Case Study of Radio Station Echo of Moscow

Ekaterina Seliverstova

Student thesis: Master thesis


Our research was concerned about current issues and perspectives of the radio industry, and in the connection to our main topic, we determined our research question to be the social meaning of the commercial radio. Our research domain was focused on the Russian radio industry, and it was based on a case study of talk informational radio station Echo of Moscow. In the chapter of literature review, we focused on several academic research areas, including historical analysis of the radio industry, digitalization process in radio broadcasting, and social meaning of media and radio.
The methodology of our research is characterized by an abductive approach, our primary data consists of three interviews with frequent guests of Echo of Moscow and a counsellor of the Mayor of Berlin about communication with Russian authorities, who is regular listener of this radio. Our secondary data consists of research by von Saldern, Hendricks, Dubber, Jones and Lorenzen et. all, Chignell and essays of authors, made by Counsil of Europe. In the part of our case study, we described the historical background, informational profile and issues of ownership of the Echo of Moscow. Apart from that, we analysed current issues of the Russian media market.
Our findings have shown, that the Russian media market is characterized by a high degree of state monopolization, it can be seen in the ownership structure and informational agenda. Moreover, state quasi censorship, which exists on the Russian media market, creates obstacles to fulfilling the social meaning of media – representation of all political and social groups in the public sphere. Thus, real political and social discussions moved into internet media sources, which are harder for the government to control. Thus, one of the perspectives of the development of Echo of Moscow and the radio industry in general is a strengthened digital profile, which makes it more robust against the influence of the state. Digitalization can transform the radio industry into a multimedia source of information, that might create further issues demanding further research.

EducationsMSocSc in Management of Creative Business Processes , (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2017
Number of pages110
SupervisorsRobin Holt