Markedsføringsplan for ActiCard

Thomas Bloch

Student thesis: Diploma thesis


TuristInvest ApS, as a newly established sister company to Outrup Golfbane ApS, is planning on introducing a new product called ActiCard to the local tourist marked during the summer 2010. ActiCard is a combined activity and discount card that gives free access to the family amusement park, Lepus Park, and to Outrup Golfcourse, and discounts to a number of shops, restaurants and other family activities in the proximity to Outrup city. This marketing plan identifies an attractive market potential for the introduction of ActiCard with a turnover of more than 500 MDKK per year, plus 8.000 summer vacation houses in the local area. ActiCard comes in two versions, ActiWeek which will be promoted to the families on vacation in the area during the summer season and ActiYear which will be promoted as an all year alternative for the houseowners who either wants to use the card them selves, or enhance the chances of renting out there summer vacation house because ActiCard is accessible for their guests. The strategic plan of ActiCard is to use TuristInvests close relations and connections to the local community to insure effective market penetration through a small number of distributors and partner companies, which already have direct contact to the majority of ActiCards costumers. Even though the entry-level to the market seems low, the competition is limited to a small number of competitive products. TuristInvest shall take advantage of this opportunity by acting as market leader on this small niche market, which effectively can be bound, monitored and communicated. ActiCard shall within the next three years become the preferred choice for families on vacation in the area, who seeks social activities and fun too affordable prices. The promotion activities and corresponding budgets, which are designed to achieve 10 % marked share during the following three years, shows an attractive business case enabling return of investment within 16.5 month from implementation. The sensitivity of ActiCards profitability to changes in marked assumption or conditions is surprisingly low, which indicates that the success of the market penetration and survival of ActiCard is in the hands of TuristInvest it self, rather than dependant of surrounding factors. This makes it even more important that TuristInvest uses the guidelines in this marketing plan to secure a methodic and effective approach to its distributors and marked partners and continues to develop and adapt their strategic and tactical processes.

EducationsGraduate Diploma Marketing Management and International Trade, (Diploma Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2010
Number of pages93