Kæft, trit, men hvilken retning: En undersøgelse af mødet mellem det civile individ og et hierarkisk forsvar

Alexander Tetzlaff

Student thesis: Master executive thesis


This paper examines individuals in a military bureaucratic organization. Based on qualitative fieldwork conducted among new military health personnel and officer cadets, I explore how the Danish military adapts to the surrounding society and how this challenges the officers working with these individuals inside the organization. To begin with I carry out a study to pin down how the health personnel and the officer cadets describe the military. I illustrate how they resemble postmodern traits by focusing on reflexivity, sensemaking, and regulation. Subsequently I analyze how the officers understand the military organization as a paradox: At the same time it shows a negative reproduction and a positive military culture. The negative reproduction can lead to a more conform organization that does not reflect the changes in the surrounding society which can be problematic. In the final part of the paper I venture into a normative analysis where I suggest that leadership should be divided into an operational approach and an administrative approach to build meaningful relations. Furthermore I suggest how leadership in a communicative perspective can create solutions that is more suited for postmodern individuals.

EducationsMaster of Public Governance, (Executive Master Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2016
Number of pages54