Natural Cosmetics and Consumer Touchpoints: The valuable factors shaping the shopping experience

Bianca Culasso

Student thesis: Master thesis


Abstract: The thesis will take into analysis the expanding market of eco-friendly beauty products in Italy, and it will investigate the ways in which the main players are interacting with consumers through the study of the visible “touchpoints”. Indeed, the positive trend interesting all types of green, environmental and sustainable products has recently expanded also to beauty products, which are shifting from being niche products dedicated to specific segments of interested and demanding consumers to concrete alternatives to the classical beauty brands mostly distributed through pharmacies and perfumeries. While the trend of sustainable consumption in general has been covered by many authors and consumer behavior studies, literature and empirical research on the specificities of the beauty market is still fragmented and not too wide. The research will try and add to existing theories taking into account the status quo of the market (analyzed through the results of a questback sent to 460 consumers) especially by focusing on the best practices encountered in the approach of some of the most successful players. The findings of the research will show that companies wanting to exploit this positive trend to grow their market share and even steal consumers to other distributors need to focus on providing the right consumer experience. A peculiar consumer experience can be reached in different ways that will be presented throughout the study, and it can make the difference in terms of creating an unforgettable mark in the consumer perceptions and sets of images and associations. The study will thus suggest some possible ways to reach this experience based on actual case studies and feedbacks from consumers: this, in order to individuate the consumer touchpoints in which it is smart to invest in this moment of potential and to base the longterm success of the market leaders of tomorrows, “brand builders” of today.

EducationsMSc in Brand and Communications Management, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2014
Number of pages95