Videndeling og virtuelle netværk: Udviklingsmuligheder med brugen af videndeling og virtuelle netværk

Knud Christensen

Student thesis: Master thesis


This thesis is a research project that focuses on how to create growth in the Company Netucating People by using virtual networks and knowledge management and sharing. The objective of the thesis is to evaluate how Netucating People can exploit their way of building network constellations that is able deliver customer requests in a better way and still yield the knowledge that is created in theses network groups. The thesis will end up with a virtual network based knowledge creating work method that should be possible for companies like Netucating People to use. The theory shows that there are three types of virtual networks that are useable: Tem-porary Virtual networks, Communities of Practice (COP) and Communities of Interest (COI). In addition with these three networks, there need to be a project manager to con-trol and make sure the project get finished. When a project is initiated Netucating People creates a Temporary Virtual Network which is controlled by a Project manager from Netucating People. The network consists of co-working partners, who have the needed skills to fulfill the development of a customer solution. The single members of the network get knowledge from COI and COP, but the observation of Netucating People showed that there was little knowledge sharing in the networks. Therefore to achieve higher knowledge sharing and communication in the Temporary Virtual Networks I have suggested a new way of organizing the networks way of communicating. There should be developed a virtual forum and wiki for Netucating People their co-working partners and customers to interact on. The wiki should be open for all working together with NetucatingPeople. On the wiki it is indented to post articles, interesting link and other that can benefit all members. When a network is started the group with a customer, project manager and the developers and a designer that are needed for creating the customer’s request can communicate on a closed forum. Here they all can post information and questions that is relevant for the job, but only accessible for the group. By having these forums and wikis, there should be stronger net-works and therefore more knowledge creation and sharing in the company.

EducationsMSc in Business Administration and Organizational Communication, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2009
Number of pages116