Hvad mon de andre synes om mig første dag? Et casestudie af nyopstartede virksomheders muligheder for at skabe sig et brand

Claes Berland

Student thesis: Master thesis


In this thesis I have examined the branding limitations and possibilities facing a start-up company. The theory contained within the branding field has not yet elaborated on the matter of start-up companies. The requirement of history leaves the start-up company in a situation, where branding does not seem to be an option, apart from the adaptation of history-based approaches. Through the work on this thesis, I have answered the following question: Without a basis in history, which branding possibilities do the start-up company have, seen in a cultural branding perspective? It is suggested that the entrepreneur’s personal history might be a possible substitute for the brands’ lack thereof. The Danish fashion industry has been chosen for the empirical part of the study. A theoretical discussion of the cultural brand perspective results in choosing the basic theoretical approach of Grant McCracken, which will be used to structure the thesis, with the support of chosen theories of Douglas B. Holt. A single study of the consumer today is conducted and finds that the understanding used in this perspective is evident in today’s society in Denmark. A brand genealogy is used to form a multi-case study of two Danish fashion brands. The brands are viewed from three different perspectives in order to understand what sort of meaning the brand is carrying seen from those perspectives. The perspectives are the company, the informants in the industry, and the consumers. The overall conclusion of the thesis is that branding will not be possible without a historical basis. Branding is not possible before the consumer has an opinion about the brand, and that can only be formed over time through information and personal experience. It is furthermore concluded that it is possible to substitute the brands’ lack of history with the personal history of the entrepreneur. But before any form of value is derived from this, the history has to be activated, and accepted by the consumer.

EducationsMSc in Economics and Marketing, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2008
Number of pages219